DJI NYC Repair by Camrise - Confirmation of Estimate Approval


Satisfaction Policy:
- In some cases we will either repair or replace your unit with a product that is equivalent to new in both performance and reliability.
- All repairs will be guaranteed for up to 7 days, this will cover parts and labor cost. After 7 days all repairs will have a limited warranty for 6 months, labor charges are not refundable.

Water Damage Drones for service:
Drones with water damage are accepted for service, but parts and labor are not warrantied.

Camrise Abandoned Drone Policy:
All units must be picked up within 30 days of the estimate date of completion.
In the event that the service item remains ignored by a customer, and/or no emails are received from the customer requesting a late pick up date, then your serviced item will be considered as abandoned and it will be subjected to disposal.