DJI NYC Repair by Camrise - Repair Completed




If the repair is being picked up please confirm the condition of the repair. Request one of the sales representatives to show you and test fly the unit, this is to verify that you have received the repair in 100% condition. If you fail to confirm the drone condition at the store, you will be accepting any malfunctions that the drone might present after it leaves our facilities.

If your drone has been shipped the IMU, Compass, Remote and Gimbal settings require calibrating. Calibrating the IMU first while on a flat level surface, camera gimbal calibration after the IMU calibration, the remote controller and at the point of take off the compass calibration. Please note the compass calibration should be performed if the home point is moved more than 60 foot. IMU calibration should be done for once for a day of flying. Using your drone unlawfully will void your warranty, “NO FLY ZONES” is consider a violation and will void your warranty.

Firmware, calibration, and standard maintenance is required to for good user experience, in the event your drone is malfunctioning due to the lack of proper maintenance and it is brought in to service, the cost to correct these issues are $60.00HR in labor and shipping cost will apply.

Satisfaction Policy:
All repairs issues must be reported within 7 days receipt of the serviced item. , parts replaced and labor cost have a limited warranty for 6 months.

1. The following conditions must be met for warranty service:

  1. Unit must be in the same condition as originally given to you.

  2. Unauthorized disassembling, modification or after market installation will void your warranty.

2. This warranty service policy does not cover the following:

  • Crashes or fire damage caused by non-manufacturing factors

  • Crashes or fire damage caused by non-manufacturing factors, including but not limited to pilot errors.

  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly or shell opening not in accordance with official instructions or manuals.

  • Water damage or other damages caused by improper installation, incorrect use, or operation not in accordance with official instructions or manuals.

  • Damage caused by non-authorized service provider.

  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification of circuits and mismatch or misuse if the battery and charger.

  • Damage caused by flights which did not follow instruction manual recommendations.

  • Damage caused by operation in bad weather (i.e. strong winds, rain, sand/dust storms, etc.)

  • Damage caused by operating the product in an environment with electromagnetic interference (i.e. in mining areas or close to radio transmission towers, high-voltage wires, substations, etc.)

  • Damage caused by operating the product in an environment suffering from interference from other wireless devices (i.e. transmitter, video-downlink, Wi-Fi signals, etc.)

  • Damage caused by operating the product at a weight greater than the safe takeoff weight, as specified by instruction manuals.

  • Damage caused by a forced flight when components have aged or been damaged.

  • Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthorized third-party parts.

  • Damage caused by operating the unit with a low-charged or defective battery.

  • Uninterrupted or error-free operation of a product.

  • Loss of, or damage to, your data by a product.

  • Any software programs, whether provided with the product or installed subsequently.

  • Failure of, or damage caused by, any third party products, including those that DJI may provide or integrate into the DJI product at your request.

  • Damage resulting from any non-DJI technical or other support, such as assistance with “how-to” questions or inaccurate product set-up and installation.

  • Products or parts with an altered identification label or from which the identification label has been removed.

3) Water Damage Drones for service:
Drones with water damage are accepted for service, but parts and labor are not warrantied.

4) Camrise Abandoned Drone Policy:
All units must be picked up within 30 days of the estimate date of completion.
In the event that the service item remains ignored by a customer, and/or no emails are received from the customer requesting a late pick up date, then your serviced item will be considered as abandoned and it will be subjected to disposal.