DJI Inspire 3 RC Plus

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Key Features

  • For DJI Inspire 3
  • 7" Built-In 1200-nit Display
  • Up to 3.3 Hours of Battery Life
  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ac) & Bluetooth 5.1
  • Hot-Swappable Battery
  • HDMI Output

Designed to control the DJI Inspire 3, the DJI RC Plus remote controller gives pilots classic controls, a selection of integrated buttons and dials, and a built-in 7" display. The display is made to show the live feed from the Inspire 3, along with essential telemetry, such as camera exposure, video specs, focal length, and gimbal angle. When it comes to film and TV production, time is money, which is why DJI used a bright 1200-nit display so it can be used easily outdoors in the daylight.

Hot-Swappable Battery

The battery of the RC Plus supports hot swapping, which means you can replace the battery as needed to extend operation beyond the 3.3 hours of a single battery charge.

HDMI Output

Creating a film, show, or commercial is often a collaborative process. The built-in HDMI port on the DJI RC Plus helps to assist in that process by outputting the live feed from the Inspire 3 to an optional external monitor

Wireless Transmission

  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ac) dual-band transmission
  • Bluetooth 5.1 support
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