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Free Shipping on all orders over $100

DJI Inspire 3 TB51 Intelligent Battery

SKU CP.IN.00000029.01
by DJI
Key Features
  • For DJI Inspire 3
  • 4280mAh Capacity
  • Up to 28 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Built-In Auto-Heating
  • -4 to 50°F Operating Temperature

Designed to work with the DJI Inspire 3, the DJI TB51 Intelligent Flight Battery has a 4280mAh capacity for up to 28 minutes of flight per charge. With support for extreme temperatures from -4 to 104°F, the TB51 can keep your Inspire 3 flying during demanding productions. In order to provide adequate power in temperatures below 50°F, DJI incorporates a built-in heating function. You can have the Inspire 3 automatically turn it on if the temperature drops below 50°F, or you can manually activate it via an app.

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