DJI Inspire 3 TB51 Intelligent Battery Hub

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Key Features

  • For DJI Inspire 3
  • 65W USB-C Charger & Adapter Required
  • Charge up to Eight TB51 Batteries
  • Foldable Design for Easy Storage
  • Charge 2 x TB51 Quickly in Fast Mode
  • Charge 8 x TB51 to 100% in 160 Minutes

Support the hot-swapping abilities of the Inspire 3 by using the DJI TB51 Intelligent Flight Battery Charging Hub to always have a fully-charged TB51 battery ready to go. This hub can accommodate up to eight TB51 flight batteries, charging them all with an optional 65W USB-C power adapter and cable. With access to sufficient power, the hub can recharge a complete set of eight batteries to 100% in only 160 minutes or, in Fast Mode, a pair of batteries up to 90% in as little as 35 minutes. Thanks to a foldable design, the charging hub is as efficient in storage size as it is in charging TB51 batteries.

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