PGYTECH Accessories Combo for DJI Mavic Pro

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Key Features

 For DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter

 21.6" Landing Pad

 Landing Gear Extensions

 Lens Hood

 Propeller Holder

 Control Stick Protector

 Remote Controller Clasp

 13.8" USB Cable for Apple

Make the most out of your Mavic Pro with this Accessories Combo for DJI Mavic Pro from PGYTECH. Included in the combo are a 21.6" landing pad and landing gear extensions for safe takeoff and landing, a lens hood for keeping glare at bay, and a propeller holder for securing your quad's propellers during storage and transport. Furthermore, there is a dedicated 13.8" USB cable for connecting the Mavic's controller to your iOS device, a clasp with a lanyard so you can free your hands by wearing the controller around your neck, and a stick protector so the controller can travel safe inside your backpack.

In the Box

 PGYTECH Landing Pad for Drones (21.6")

 3 x Ground Pegs

 8 x Fluorescent Stripes

 Zippered Pouch

 PGYTECH Lens Hood for DJI Mavic Pro

 Extension Shade

 PGYTECH Control Stick Protector for DJI Mavic Pro Remote

 Limited 7-Day Warranty

 Landing Gear Extensions for Mavic Pro

 Propeller Holder for Mavic Pro

 Remote Controller Clasp

 Customization USB Cable for Apple (13.8")

 Limited 7-Day Warranty

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