PGYTECH Accessories Combo for MAVIC 2 PRO Professional

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Carrying Case for Mavic 2 Pro
Carry your MAVIC 2 in style

It can be placed MAVIC 2, Remote Controller,3 x Batteries (up to 5 x Batteries), USB Cable, Charging hub, Car charger and 7.9 inch PAD

Propeller Holder for Mavic 2 Pro
To protect the propeller from damage when transportation

Control Stick Protector for Mavic 2 Pro
To protect the control stick from damage when transportation.

Provide effective protection to the control stick and display screen of the remote control.

Landing Gear Extensions for Mavic 2 Pro
Prevent damaging the camera gimbal and staining the drone.

Rise your MAVIC 2 35mm, Land and take-off from any terrain. Prevent damaging the camera gimbal and staining the drone.

Lens Hood for Mavic 2 Pro
Effectively suppresses lens flares, avoids stray light entering into the lens, and prevents accidental damage to the gimbal.

The lens hood for Mavic 2 it is molded in high-quality plastic parts for high durability, preventing accidental damage to the gimbal when landing and taking off.

Landing Pad Pro for Drones
Take off and land safely, anywhere

Waterproof Material: High-precision printing specifically for outdoor use, UV resistant. Double sided color design.

Filter Set (Advanced) for Mavic 2 Pro
Advanced lens coating technology. A hardened super waterproof coating that is easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

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