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Free Shipping on all orders over $100

PGYTECH DJI FPV Filter ND Set (ND 4 8 16) (Professional)

SKU P-24A-101
by Camrise
This ND Filter Set for DJI FPV from PGYTech is designed specifically for you to attach either filter easily to your drone, and have the filter stay on until you remove it. With a choice of 2, 3, or 4 stops, you can choose the best filter to control the exposure on your drone, which has a lens with a fixed f/2.8 iris, so controlling the amount of light that reaches your drone's sensor is of paramount importance for creating properly exposed images.

Each filter is made from SCHOTT optical glass and features a double-sided and multilayered Nano coating that repels water and oils for a clear image. Made using an aviation-grade aluminum alloy, each filter is durable yet lightweight and has no effect on the calibration or balance of your drone

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