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Free Shipping on all orders over $100

PGYTECH Filter for OSMO POCKET - ND SET (Professional) (ND8 16 32 64)

SKU P-18C-013

he neutral density filters contained in the PGYTECH ND Filter Set for Osmo Pocket magnetically attach to your DJI Osmo Pocket camera, providing form-fitting and stylish exposure control that stays on as you pan and tilt your camera. These filters are made from SCHOTT glass and feature a multi-layer vacuum-deposited coating to help maintain your images' contrast. Each filter is mounted into an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum-edge covering, protecting the filter's glass and providing a mounting area for the magnets for attachment.

Each filter mounts magnetically to the Osmo Pocket and is designed to stay on during camera moves The filters included in the set are the 3-Stop ND 8, 4-stop ND 16, 5-Stop ND 32, and 6-Stop ND 64 The four filters in the set come in a protective case that has room for a total of 6 filters

Magnetic Mount
SCHOTT Glass Construction
Vacuum-Deposited Coatings

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