Phantom 3 SE (NA) (Refurbished)

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Perfect for beginners or experienced drone operators, the Phantom 3 SE features the reliability, intuitive controls, excellent image quality,and powerful flight performance that make DJI’s Phantom series so iconic. With its 4K camera, 4 km control range, vision positioning system, and 25-minute flight time, users can experience the thrill of flying with incredible ease.


The Phantom 3 SE’s camera shoots 4K 30 fps video and 12 MP photos, delivering impressively clear and detailed images. Its custom-engineered lens features a 94° field of view, which is well-suited for aerial imaging and ensures your work always comes to life.


This Phantom’s newly enhanced Wi-Fi video transmission system allows you to fly farther while maintaining a crystal clear live camera view. The Phantom 3 SE offers reliable control and image transmission from up to 4 km away, so all you have to focus on is getting the best shots possible.*

*Maximum control range may vary depending on your environment and local regulations.


Expertly designed hardware combined with the DJI GO app makes aerial photography just as easy as shooting with a smartphone.Intelligent Flight Modes like Course Lock and Point of Interest help you fly and shoot like a pro,and industry-leading flight control technologies mean you can always fly with your mind at ease.


Equipped with a vision positioning system, the Phantom 3 SE hovers precisely and flies steadily, even without GPS signal. Ultrasonic and vision sensors measure the altitude and speed of the aircraft, providing users the information they need to fly safely.*

*Vision positioning only functions when flying at or below three meters above adequately lit and clearly patterned surfaces.


The Phantom 3 SE offers up to 25 minutes of flight with an advanced battery management system that offers intelligent charging and discharging protection to ensure longevity.*

*Maximum flight time is based on flying in ideal conditions and may vary depending on your environment.

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