The Beginner's Guide to Drone Photography

The Beginner's Guide to Drone Photography
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Drone photography is amazing in so many ways and it is here to stay. Professional photographers love as they can level up their photographs, but amateurs and beginners adore it as well due to its many possibilities. Drones are perfect for aerial images, and aerial photography is the same but costs way more money. You had to rent a helicopter to get a perfect image from the air not so long ago. Luckily, drones are not that expensive anymore either, and we are seeing a great development with each new version. Check out this ultimate beginner`s guide to drone photography before you start shooting marvelous photographs.

Learn how to fly

Just like in real life, if you believe you can fly that will not be enough. You need to learn how to fly a drone well so that you can get the best results. When you get the drone that you will be using, go someplace where there are not a lot of people, cars, buildings, and objects in general. Don`t focus on taking photos at this moment, because it is imperative to know how to fly your drone first. Once you feel comfortable with changing altitudes, different mode options, and flying your drone safely home, you can begin to practice taking incredible shots.

Dji Drone Ready for Flying

Read the instruction manual first

Speaking of learning how to fly, you must read the manual to get to know the details of your drone. Just like with any other device, there are things you should not do, and things you ought to do to use it properly. Perhaps reading the manual is not all that exciting, but the more you know about your drone, the better your flying and taking photos will be. Amateur or not, if you bought the drone that means you appreciate and seek beauty and precision.

Get the most out of the different modes your device has

DJI drones offer a variety of different modes that will take your photographs to the next level. Not only that, they will help you fly your drone better and safer. Let us see some of the best modes DJI has to offer:

ActiveTrack Mode

Evolved from the Follow me mode (which still exists by the way, and you can use it), the ActiveTrack Mode will follow the persons marked on the smartphone. The minimum altitude for this is 5m from your Take-off position and a maximum of 500 meters. Of course, you can always pause and end this mode with a simple touch on the screen. It also takes less than a second to activate the mode.

Home Lock Mode

This mode comes in handy when you lose sight of your drone. You used to have to click Return to home button which would cost you control over the drone. Plus the drone would fly back to the Take-off position. Now with the Home Lock mode, you are still in charge when you press Return to the home button. Not only that, you don`t have to wait until the drone returns to the starting position, as soon as you spot it you can deactivate the mode and continue where you left off.

Beginner Mode

This is one is particularly useful when you are learning to fly a drone. It will prevent your drone from flying more than 30 meters away, both vertically and horizontally. It will also reduce the speed by fifty percent. After you have flown about two to three times, you will be able to switch off this mode, as you will have learned how to fly a drone by then.

Pay close attention to drone regulations

Since more and more people can buy and fly drones, new regulations are emerging every so often. You need to be careful to abide by the law as you will end up paying fines instead of enjoying taking perfect photos. If your drone weighs more than 55lbs, you will need to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration. But you don`t have to worry, this process does not take long, you will pay a fee, and give your name, e-mail, and address. Also, regulations include that you can`t fly at night, or near airports. Finally, the drone regulations may differ from state to state, so make sure to check the state and local regulations before you launch your drone.

Make sure you have the right accessories before you start taking photos

A high-quality drone will fly for about 20-25 minutes. Wind and harsh weather will decrease battery life. As a beginner, this may not be enough time for you to achieve the best shot. This is why it is great to invest in an extra battery or two. Though they might not be cheap, you can buy them in a bundle when there is a discount and enjoy prolonged time in the air. It takes about two hours to charge a battery, so having extra batteries will make a difference when you are in the business of drone photography.

DJI Drone and Accessories

Additional propellers

Unlike the batteries, propellers are not way too expensive and it is wise to invest in them. Get extra propellers in case your original ones get lost.

LED lights

If you have permission to fly a drone during the night, getting LED lights is a must. It will show you exactly where your drone is at any given moment. It is easy to lose sight of the drone in the daytime, let along during the night.

Master the editing techniques

Drone photography would not be the same without the post-editing process. In most cases, it is necessary to work on the photos in programs such as Photoshop or Lightroom. So, if you want to master drone photography, you need to master the editing techniques.

Drone Photography

Be patient

Yes, you can go through the user's manual and know every single fact about your drone. You can buy the highest-quality drone there is, and the best DJI accessories to it. But patience and practice will make you a pro. Just like with anything else, enjoy what you do, be persistent and in no time you will be making professional photos that will take everyone`s breath away. Check our DJI store and, of course, good luck!

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